House & Garden


Photos of my home

At this point it’s mostly garden.  I love photographing flowers––unlike babies and animals, they don’t wiggle and move away, and, unlike my nephew Nick, they don’t make goofy faces. A strong wind might make photographing them a bit of a challenge, but usually they are quite well behaved.

I began my floral photography career after I discovered the wonders of a macro lens.  I started by photographing my own flowers, but soon expanded to include other people’s flowers, and then wildflowers, both at home and abroad.

You can find more of my flower photos in the travel section, particularly West Australia. 

Most of the photos in this section are the annuals and perennials of my gardens.  There are a few photos from other people’s gardens–my neighbor Carolyn’s, my Mom’s, and my friend Pamela in Idaho. I hope to add more photos of my house someday but, until then, enjoy the flowers.

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