Hearts for Art



"Hearts for Art" is a special project of UCARE. It was begun in 2004 as an art and education project for children in selected orphanages/internaty in Ukraine. The goal is to educate the children, to help them to express themselves through art, to assess their needs, and to help provide for these needs through the sale of artwork.

The article on the next page gives a history of the project, and delves into the details of its workings and its goals in much greater detail. It was originally published in the Ukrainian Weekly on November 6, 2005.

And you can read more about our project, and even watch our video, on our website here.


There were many, many photos taken by our volunteers in Ukraine, and many more back in Detroit (preparing for the shows and our gala) and other towns (gallery shows).  Here are some of them:

        Virtual Gallery: Have a look at some of the best paintings from our shows.

        Gallery Shows: There were many.  I have photos from a few.



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