City Chicken



        2 small pork loins (app. 2.5 pounds each)

        1 bottle Italian salad dressing

        garlic powder

        black pepper

        dried onions

        2 eggs

        bread crumbs


        chicken stock (bouillon OK)


Cut up into cubes

        2 small pork loins (app 2.5 pound each)

Make a marinade consisting of

        1 bottle Italian dressing (Good Seasons is OK)

        garlic powder

        black pepper

        dried onions

Mix the meat into the marinade, and let stand, refrigerated, for 2 days.

Beat together

        2 eggs

Thread meat onto skewers. Dip into beaten egg. Roll in bread crumbs, and then in flour.

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Fry the skewered meat in a frying pan on low heat. Turn the skewers three times. Fry until light brown.

Place the skewers into a greased covered* baking pan/roaster in a single layer. Drizzle with chicken stock.

Bake covered for 1/2 hour, and then uncovered for 1/2 hour.


* if the baking pan does not have a cover, use aluminum foil to cover.

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