Fresh Pickles


These are wonderful pickles to make in season.  They are made from ingredients that all ripen at about the same time.  These are not meant for preserving; after the first 24 hours, they should be refrigerated and can be enjoyed for a week or two (if they last that long).

Use clean Mason (or similar) jars.  Pack them solidly full of fresh cucumbers which have been sliced lengthwise into haves or quarters.  At the bottom of the jar and on top, pack in some sliced hot peppers, sliced cloves of garlic and fresh or dried dillweed.

Over top, you are going to pour the hot pickling syrup.  To make the syrup, boil together

        10 c water

        1 c sugar

        1 c vinegar

        1/2 c salt

(Make less if you don’t have a lot of cucumbers.) The syrup must be hot when poured over the cucumbers.  If it cools down, reheat it.  Make sure the syrup completely covers the contents of the jars.  Remember, the cukes have to be packed in very tightly so they don’t float away in the syrup.

Put the jars out on the counter to cool and set overnight.   The next day, pickles should be ready to eat (unless the cucumber slices were particularly thick).  Refrigerate. 

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Aunt Nina’s Fresh Pickles (Малосольні Огірки)