Roasted Garlic


This recipe is adapted slightly from one given to me by my old friend Paul Suriano (who has studied cooking at the Paris Cordon Bleu).  I have decreased the cooking time by roasting at a slightly higher temperature.  It is the dish I bring to pass (by request) at every family dinner.

You will need:

        garlic heads

        chicken broth

        olive oil

To make this you need a glass roaster (Pyrex dish or something like the one pictured above) with a cover, and enough garlic to fill it.  Preheat your oven to 375°F.  Take the heads of garlic and remove the loose outer "paper" layers.  Cut horizontally across the top so as to expose a majority of the cloves at least minimally (or they won’t be easily extractable).  Put the heads of garlic in the roasting pan, squeezed tightly together, with the cut ends down.  The roaster should be about an inch higher that the tops of the heads of garlic.

Pour in chicken broth until the heads are about one half immersed in the liquid.  Cover the rest of the way with cooking oil; I prefer olive oil, but any vegetable oil will probably suffice.  Place the roaster, covered, into the oven for one hour.

After one hour of baking, remove the roaster from the oven, and, using tongs or a spoon, turn the heads of garlic over, so that they are now right-side-up.  Place the roaster back into the oven for another hour, but this time with the cover off.

At the end of the second hour, remove from the oven and test the garlic.  The cloves should be buttery soft, and starting to come up out of the skins; if not, replace and cook some more until they are.

If desired, sprinkle the garlic with coarse black pepper and/or salt.  Serve with baguettes and goat cheese  or rye bread.

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Paul Suriano’s Roasted Garlic