Sonia and Nick Petrusha, June 2004

This section is meant to display newer Petrusha family photos, i.e. those taken since I switched over to digital in June of 2003.  They’re divided up by years:






Most of the older, scanned photos, from my pre-digital era, are located in my Archive.  I’ve scanned over 5000 older photos, some dating back to the 1940s, and am (very) slowly uploading them here.

Some of my family photos are still on my old site.  I am transferring over, but, until I finish, you can view them by clicking  here.

Christmas and other holiday photos can be found in the  Holidays section.  My Christmas letters can also be found there.

The kids, Kalyna, Nick and Maria (aka Fuzz), have their own section here.  If you love photos of baseball, soccer and birthday parties, that is where you want to be. You can also visit “Maria’s World”, an alternative doll-based universe, here.

I’ve added a section on Petrusha family recipes. Click here to go to the page and download pdf files of Petrusha family favorites.  Well, the ones I’ve collected so far.  Which are mostly my recipes.  Come on, Petrusha ladies, send me your recipes!

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