The Farm


A Special Place

My grandparents had a farm in Neillsville, Wisconsin.  They owned it from 1953 to 1974.  I first visited it in 1958, when I was just a few months old, and continued to visit every summer (and a few winters) for the rest of their time there.

I loved it there – the animals, the open spaces, fishing on the Black River, and small town life in general.  I miss it to this day.

We took lots and lots of photos on our trips there.  When we were little, there were the obligatory family photos with my grandparents, aunt and uncle.  We would dress in our best, whether it be something nice and embroidered, or the almost flower girl dress from Aunt Susie's wedding. My Uncle John was a shutterbug, and would get great snapshots and make copies for everyone.

My father bought me my very first Kodak camera at the camera shop in Neillsville, a small Instamatic, sometime around 1970.  My brother got one too, albeit a slightly less expensive model (they only stocked one of each).  We had fun, photographing the landscape, the cows, the cats, the dogs, and our family and each other. And Chatty Belle, the world’s largest talking cow (at the Wisconsin state pavilion), was one of our favorite subjects.

An outline of the photos so far:

                                    Summer 1953-57  (At Work)

                                    Summer 1953-57  (Friends and Family)

                                    Winter 1953-57

More to come!

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