Scene from Hungarian Revolution, 1956

Events of 1956:

    Hungarian revolution crushed

    Khrushchev denounces Stalin’s excesses

    Morocco gains independence

    U.S. tests the first aerial hydrogen bomb over Bikini Atoll 

    NY Yankees win World Series 

    Top Song:  Memories Are Made of This by Dean Martin

    Best Movie Oscar:  Around the World in 80 Days

    Most popular TV show: I Love Lucy

    Mykola Petrusha weds Sonia Krochmal

My parents married in Chicago on February 12, 1956.  (Wedding photos here.)  They moved to Detroit, where they lived with my grandmother and Uncle Mike in a flat in Hamtramck. Below are a few photos from their first year, taken during a visit to my aunt and uncle in Wisconsin.

  Baba’s Wedding Album        1957



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